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It's January, it's my tattoo birthday!

Getting back on track:  After a long time of thinking about this, I decided to start with this blog to use it as a leverage for an upcoming project correlated with my 13 years into tattooing. I'm planning to document and share this whole process of 13 months, starting from now, with y'all by sharing one thing that we both love: COOL UNIQUE TATTOOS combined with a great Story. YOU SHOULD KNOW: I have absolutely NO experience on crafting a Blog. My storytelling ain't the best. Got no clue what's coming next. At some point I'll probably will want to quit BUT: I learn FAST I embrace challenges, and that includes the uncomfortable "beginner" feeling I trust my 'uncertain' process and I'm committed to give my best on every stage of this project, aiming to create a fun overall experience from the beginning to the end.   I'm committed to finish what I start PLUS I'm leaving a public record here haha, so wish me luck and let's
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Baby steps can take you to Manhattan!

Where it all begins: For those who doesn't know me that much... I've started my tattooing career as a young teenager with no expectations and no clear path. Back then I only knew I wanted to do big things and travel a lot haha. I come from a very small city, so the chances to do big things weren't that obvious... Although, I was extremely lucky at the beginning of my journey, I had a great mentor who not only taught me everything he knew about tattooing, but also helped me to settle solid foundations with strong work ethic, practicing by the right values, and establishing healthy priorities when it comes to deal with clients and growing as a professional in a complex industry.    13 years later: I find myself planning tattoo trips pretty often, traveling at least 3 times a year to different countries, being able to visit new places, meet new people and have an immersive experience with different cultures... I fckn' lovit! Only in the last year I've been dining with